Thursday, 17 December 2009

Melanie Jakubson

Exhibiting at The Malt Cross,
The Malt Cross Gallery,
St James St, Nottm.

3-17th Feb 2010.

Exhibiting along with artists: -
Julie Deacon, Giovanni Scavetta,
Ann McCartney


My work focuses on the existence
of presence, observation, action
and change: physical and
spiritual, the very concept of
life experience itself.

In addition, I am inspired by the
natural world in all its
complexity, exploring a wide
variety of materials from around
the world which brings colourful
textile imagery to my work.
Experimentation of such materials
along with exploration of culture
allows me the opportunity to
develop a unique, diverse visual

I am also very inspired by natural
forms and patterns changing over
time, which intrigues me by the
very action of change.